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Some of the first things a family needs to do to prepare is to have some discussions and make some plans.  But what type of plans?  What do they need to include?  How do you keep all family members interested and involved?  You may think that talking about potential disasters is scary, but it’s more scary when something happens and you don’t know what to do. So, make an emergency plan.

Your family’s needs will determine what is in your emergency plan. Consider the needs of each individual. Do you have small children? Do you have an elderly relative living with you or friend you need to check on? What about pets? Each of these situations will require adjustments in your family plan.

Each family is responsible for their own plan.

Preparing for BEFORE a disaster is YOUR responsibility.

If everyone else in your neighborhood is affected, they may not be available to take care of you as well. In a widespread disaster, it may be days before help gets to you.

Emergency plans aren’t just for big disasters that affect everyone, though.  Everyday unexpected events may affect your family. Will your family be ready so they can remain calm and know what to do and how to help others?

Having Conversations on Preparedness

The Utah State Emergency Response Team held a fantastic webinar this past fall that answers all these questions, AND MORE.  Take some time to watch this engaging video and learn the answers to these questions and how to involve your entire family in your plan.

  • Won’t we be given instructions in an emergency as to what we should do?
  • If we are being asked to evacuate, what do you do if your child is at school, your teenager is at practice and your spouse is at work?
  • What should our family plan look like?

Please take some time to watch this video prepared by Be Ready Utah. It will help more than you know.

In other posts, we will go more in depth on how to create your emergency kit, items to store, things to consider, and skills you need to know.

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