Adult Personal First Aid Kit

Adult first aid kit contents except medications
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In our post on the various categories of first aid supplies, I mentioned the Adult Personal First Aid Kit. This post is about my suggestions on what to include in a emergency bag first aid kit for an adult.

Every emergency bag needs a First Aid Kit. This kit has more variety, additional bandaging and dressing options, as well as a variety of individual dose medications to handle most of what comes your way in an emergency so you can help your family or others you may encounter.

injured boy in a disaster
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This list is a starting point. Adapt it as needed. Customize the contents and make sure the owner knows how and when to use all the supplies. Some older teens may also be better served with this Adult Personal First Aid Kit instead of the Teen Personal First Aid Kit.

Adult Personal First Aid Kit Contents

CategoryDescriptionRecommended Qty
Adhesives1″ Silk Tape1
AdhesivesSuper Glue1
Antiseptics & DisinfectantsAlcohol Prep pads12
Antiseptics & DisinfectantsBZK Antisceptic Towelette12
Antiseptics & DisinfectantsIodine Prep Pads12
Bandages¾” x 3″ Flexible Fabric Bandage10
Bandages¾” x 3″ Plastic Bandage20
Bandages1″ x 3″ Flexible Fabric Bandage10
Bandages1″ x 3″ Plastic Bandage20
Bandages2 ½” x 4″ Large Fabric Bangage2
BandagesButterfly Wound Strips – Medium10
BandagesFingertip Bandage3
BandagesKnuckle Bandage3
BandagesLiquid Skin1
Dressings2″ x 2″ Gauze – Sterile2
Dressings2″ x 3″ Tegaderm1
Dressings2″ x 5 yds Roller Gauze1
Dressings3″ x 3″ Gauze – Sterile2
Dressings3″ x 4″ Tegaderm1
Dressings4″ Ace Bandage1
Dressings4″ x 4″ Gauze – Sterile2
DressingsEye Pad2
DressingsMoleskin 2″ x 4″2
DressingsTriangular Bandage1
MedicineAcetaminophen, 2 ct.6
MedicineAntihistamine, 1 ct.6
MedicineCough & Cold, 1 ct.6
MedicineDecongestant, 2 ct.6
MedicineDiamode, 1 ct.3
MedicineDiatame, 2ct.6
MedicineElectrolite tablets, 2 ct.6
MedicineExtra Strength Acetaminophen, 2 ct.6
MedicineIbruprofen, 2 ct.6
MedicineMigrane Tablets, 2 ct.6
MedicineSting Relief Wipe6
MedicineVick’s Inhaler1
OintmentsBurn Gel, single dose2
OintmentsLip Balm1
OintmentsTriple Antibiotic3
ProtectionNitrile Gloves – pr.5
Tools6″ Light Stick1
ToolsFirst Aid Assistance Guide1
ToolsPen Light1
ToolsSafety Pins – Large3
ToolsTongue Blades Sterile2
ToolsWilderness First Aid Book1
Total Items221
This kit costs $45.99 for the contents only (no bag).
Kit with bag is $55.99; $65.99 with separate pouch for medicines,
Local UT pickup available.
All prices before tax and shipping.
Lip Balm and Nitrile gloves not included

Bag Options

There are a number of different options for carrying your first aid kit. You’ll want to have some compartmentalization available so you can find items quickly.

The bag that comes with this kit has several compartments for organization, but it is rather basic. Adding the separate pouch for medications with its own sections will help you find items quickly.

Other Kits Available

If you are looking for a kit for a younger child or a teen, check out our Child Basic First Aid Kit and our Teen Personal First Aid Kit.

Look for our Family First Aid Kit later this week.

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