Child Basic First Aid Kit

A Child's Basic First Aid Kit holds the basics for tending to the most common injuries a child might encounter.
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In my post on the various categories of first aid supplies, I mentioned the Child Basic First Aid Kit. This post is just about my suggestions on what to include in a kit for a child.

Remember, even an infant should have first aid supplies in their bag. These are supplies just for the infant that a caregiver could use.

Every emergency bag needs a First Aid Kit. This is true especially for children. They are already prone to scrapes, cuts, and burns. When a disaster strikes, it only gets worse.

Children are more susceptible to injury during an emergency or disaster situation. A basic first aid kit in their bag can bring peace of mind.
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Adapt the list to the needs and abilities of each child.

Child First Aid Kit Contents

CategoryDescriptionRecommended Qty
Adhesives½” Silk Tape1
Antiseptics & DisinfectantsAlcohol Prep pads6
Antiseptics & DisinfectantsBZK Antiseptic Towelette6
Bandages¾” x 3″ Flexible Fabric Bandage5
Bandages¾” x 3″ Plastic Bandage5
Bandages1″ x 3″ Flexible Fabric Bandage5
Bandages1″ x 3″ Plastic Bandage5
Bandages2 ½” x 4″ Large Fabric Bangage2
BandagesFingertip Bandage2
BandagesKnuckle Bandage2
BandagesTriangular Bandage1
Dressings2 x 2 Gauze – Sterile2
Dressings3 x 3 Gauze – Sterile2
DressingsMoleskin 2″ x 4″1
MedicineSting Relief Wipe6
MedicineVick’s Inhaler1
OintmentsBurn Gel, single dose1
OintmentsLip Balm1
OintmentsTriple Antibiotic2
ProtectionNitrile Gloves – pr.5
Tools6″ Light Stick1
ToolsWaterproof Red Bag1
Total Items65
This kit costs $11.99 plus tax and shipping. Local UT pickup available.
Lip Balm and Nitrile gloves not included

Obviously, this is not a kit for an infant, but for a 6 – 10 year old child. Parents should instruct the child to find an adult to help them should they get hurt.

To keep the contents secure, away from curious fingers, tie wrap the zipper closed. Only an adult with scissors or a knife will be able to open it. If tie wrapping the bag shut, store the lip balm, Vicks, and light stick elsewhere in the emergency kit.

What would you add to a kit for a child? Leave a comment below with your thoughts.

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